Preparation and Goals

I have my Visa, bought my ticket and have had my immunisations and in just over three weeks I am off to India for a planned stay of between 5 and 6 months.

I wish to explore the culture, the history, the people, the society and nature.

The goals are to disregard dogmas where I can, and again push through boundaries physically, emotionally, spiritually and transcendentally on the path.

I intend to use this new blog along with my others to document this and other experiences and to post photos of what I feel has meaning.

Any comments or questions would be great!

4 thoughts on “Preparation and Goals

  1. I most sincerely wish you “All The Best” with this venture David, and hope you get out of it as much as I know you’ll put in !
    Keep in touch Buddy,

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  2. Gute Reise! Du you know the language? Where are you staying? Backpacking? Do you have contact there?


    1. English is common here .. I am staying in Dehradun, Northern India. Not backpacking, sort of have suitcase will travel. My contacts in India came from my Twitter accounts.


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