India – Getting around Dehradun

Besides walking which is a challenge at any time but the early morning and later afternoon, because of the searing heat, unlike any other I have experienced.

Just a note, don’t push the envelope, always, ALWAYS take water with you … bottled water is readily available in the most unlikely of places, it costs around $A0.40 per liter, to $A1.20 for a 5 liter bottle.

Local personal transport is available in two sizes of Vikrams as below, the blue one is what passes for a mini van, what one would call an 7 person transporter (although I have seen them carry many more), this operates like a bus, it goes up and down a main street, and drops people on and off all day along the route, it is a very low cost option per trip – it seems the maximum I have paid for even my longest trip of about 4-5 Km is about 10 Rupees (around A$0.20) – the price stated is 7 Rupees, but I have to give at least 10.

Just a thought if you are a tall person like me, always sit in the bench seat of a blue Vikram, the back one facing forward, there is not that much height in the front seat.

The small yellow and dark brown model, is a “taxi” that will take you almost any where, always remember to negotiate your fee up front – for all westerners are rich – and looked upon as such … hehe!. This is a personal one customer to one destination taxi.



The above is the mini-bus …. up and down a set route,people join and depart along the way.


This is the one customer, to one destination taxi … the back seat will fit 3 people ?

If you have any other questions of subjects you would like me to cover then please don’t hesitate to ask here or via Twitter.

I am recovering from the inevitable upset stomach, hence I shall soon cover topics about food, how, when and where and hygiene in general.