India – Water, Hygiene and other things

Its not until you get here that it hits you …. everything at once.

Continuous awareness is absolutely necessary, the other day I was walking on a footpath, a car joined me, scrapping my thigh with his mirror, all to get ahead in the traffic … without a backward look they sped off, another occasion, the car I was traveling in was hit because the car behind was travelling too close … the driver again sped off … It is the same with absolutely every action out in the world in India …. be aware of where you are and most of all don’t assume … don’t assume that people will drive on the legal left side of the road, they will in fact drive on any side of the road to get where they want to be …. one wonders if they have a license, perhaps they do, have they even done driver education (defensive driving … no … careless driving Yes) have they sat for the license probably not …

Health … clean your hands at every opportunity …. never drink unfiltered water … but drink a lot of it and often) be careful about fruit in stalls … at least wash it thoroughly, rub the skin with salt then wash again. We are taking a bit of pot luck with the farmer … many of the bad agri-chemicals are legal here and I have been told that many small farmers follow the policy if that much is enough then more must be better.

I am just recovering ( hopefully) after 2 weeks feeling very poorly, it got so bad I went to a local Private hospital (Max Health in Dehradun) it was a good experience, new, clean building and almost everyone spoke English … I was seen by a specialist (US Trained) in Gastro, had blood and other tests performed by their in house pathology (available on line that same day for me to view) .. and I had my prescription filled – the total cost for all of this was 1,500 Rupees … about A$28 (USD$23 approx) and the prescription and treatments seems to be working. Don’t take a chance.

I am still and will always be on the outside looking in, although I have meet a few wonderful people.

As usual we look at the past to determine the future – the West is by and large already in the abyss, following a path set by Globalism and the flawed and failed Regan Financial Policies in the 80’s … in the West there is little true thought except by Pikety, Joseph Stiglitz and others as to the direction and destination the world is taking, it seems to wander along putting our bush fires here and there, the trouble with this policy things don’t change … India’s headlong rush into their version of Capitalism will fail and in my view that’s a good thing, for the India Government severe controls, over burdening unaccountable, micromanaging bureaucracy which defines the word patience and incompetence along with Sovereign instability which for now are an issue. I cannot comment on Politicians.

Many laws exist to protect the consumer – are they enforced, maybe, are they circumvented .. often … for not only is corruption here, it is rampant and an accepted normal part of the culture.

There are spiritually aware and just good people everywhere, as of yet I am not aware as yet of any revelations concerning Indian culture other than its primary focus of the external world and a seeming hurry to get out of it, their external focus is on achievement and all the illusions in the world, in many ways no different to the West perhaps 50-70 years ago or even today, except here there is no pretence in caring for your fellow man, all are seen as irrelevant to their life, unless they can be of use – mind you are we any different?

Maybe my perspective will change over time.

Any thoughts are welcome, if there is something I haven’t covered yet, let me know and I will add it to the list.

One last thing …. always and I mean always take toilet paper with you every where you go … it’s often not provided. Enjoy the journey.

One thought on “India – Water, Hygiene and other things

  1. Lovely update David. First thing I have to do is to admit and accept a lot of blame for the way many things are in India on behalf of the Great Bristish Empire . . . .

    First, becuase we were initially still heavily into a Class-Structure back in Blighty, we encouraged rather than stamp-out the insane cast-structure they had/have in India; at least in Englnd even in Victoria’s day, a working-class chappie was respected by the Toffs for his skills or just willingness to work 18 hours a day for a poor wage . . .  but the way high-cast Indians view & abuse anyone of lower-caste (and the same in the middle-ranking castes) is simply against all forms of “humanity as if should be”.  Of course it suit our Colonial forfathers, as it meant we only had to control the very top castes (the Maharajahs etc) to enslave the entire nation. Not content with that, and pillaging any indiginous item we felt was, or could be, of ‘value’ either back to Great Britain or floging it at massive profit to other memeber-countries of the Empire (or lastly, at even more immoral profit, to ‘damn forigners’ outside the Empire), we introduced the concept of The Civil Service . . . . .  jobs for life, with a pension, if you were lucky enough to get in . .  . and of course once you were ‘In’, you add the Indian long-standing and totally ingrained principles of nepotism & corruption to unsure that as many of your (very extended) family (or people who either have some hold over you or you’d like to have a hold over) mange to fill whatever new/replacement positions can be opened up.Maybe the worst thing we did, both in business and in Civil Service was to create the management environment in which ot was far better NOT to make and decisions if at all possiple . .  . if you made a decision and it was worng or even just disfavoured, you might suffer a demotion (with HUGE loss of face as well and wages  benefits) or worse still BE SACKED (i.e. made totally unemployable at anything like your previous level (and 2-3 levels down) as anywhere your applied would know of your ‘disgrace’.So, unitnentionally, we Brits produced the current Indian Civil Service maxim of “pass the buck, and never make a decision” that of course keeps the whole thing spinning like a huge turbine even today!The other rather odd thing we created was the importance of your CV (20 pages at least for any junior managerial position, including copies of very certificate awarded since Primary school) and the fact that you had been good enough to go to a University even if you failed to graduate (YES ! “Bh Calcutta – Failed” is considered worthy of being on your business card !)

    Of course, the old Empire (and later Commonwealth) can’t take all the fame for how India is today.The Indian’s themselves seem to have had the art of taking the very worst of the Empire Legacy and developing it into something close to an insane Religious Cult in it’s own right . . . the ability to out-lie the Chinese, to out-haggle any Arab, to have less business-ethics than a Pikey, fewer morals than a $5 Crack-Whore, and yet on occasions can also reflect the true depths of spiritual beauty of both Hinduism and Buddism just when you think there’s no hope for this fouled-up semi-continent & its denzins. Doo keep up you most interesting Blog . . . .  I know that it can’t compare with ‘actually being there’ but your writing-style and level of observation certains gives readers a damn good taste of what it is like . . . .

    Cheers for now,M.

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