India – Beyond first impressions

There appears to be a defining difference between the older and the younger generations … when it comes to love and relationships, many of the younger generation here seem to have a more open different view on life, happiness and love ….

To say that India was not what I expected goes without saying, but thinking back I am not sure I was expecting anything … the thing about India, well one of the things is that it forces you to stay present .. Very present … because it can be fatal if you don’t, I site the car on the footpath with me ….

This dangerous behaviour says much about the culture, however one cannot judge the consciousness of a population by the outward manifestation of their behaviour within duality, because beneath this apparent chaos there may be an underlying purpose, for example, go to any major Railway station and on the surface the scurrying back and forward of people to and from platforms looks aimless, unconscious, yet there is a underlying purpose for their behaviour. Although that such actions are a part of a culture where such behaviour is necessary, will lead in my opinion to other questions concerning the nature of the beliefs that drive such behaviour.

For some here, there appears on occasion to be an identity problem, as some seem to miss the British Raj (the Brutish empire) and before them the inexorable journey through destruction, being conquered, and absolutely ego driven mind cruelty, including the exploitation by the East India company, I shake my head in wonder at the cruelty …. I am looking at the cast system at the moment and although many hundreds of years ago it may of had its place, but now, a more unjust system that means that due to who you were born to determines your lot in life … it enshrines through dogma, in India culture an entitled system that ensures inequality and oppression for many hundreds of millions … in the past in the ViceRoy of India has facilitated knowingly the death of millions of people to starve to death … spin it how you like, all ideologies destroy themselves from within .. And Karma yields a big stick, takes no prisoners and forgets nothing … Imperialist empires like the British, French, Spanish, Rome, plus, plus and the current unchanged American model is following then into the abyss and destruction – another lesson for history, and sadly another lesson humanity won’t learn from.

I believe the British Raj totally affected, stunted the development of the psyche of generations of Indian people, even today, I can see similarities between old England and some local culture (but that is also in transition and will change hopefully for the better) well at least some the ones I am surrounded by … so far many are similar to an unconscious, unkind, uncaring bunch of 5 year olds (mostly) as there are anywhere – the older generations even follow the patriarchal style of families, within families, its sibling against sibling and some will do whatever they can … everything to take control of finance, of land – fraud is common. The first born males are generally set to inherit and like many in the West are never accountable .. Any problems he encounters are dealt with quickly with a bribe.

The brutish class mentality of the British rubbed off … sadly … perhaps in other parts of India things are different, I will find out in my travels.

Having a perspective is revealing a different aspect of Indian culture, one that appears that below the apparent unconsciousness there are people who are looking beyond the physical, for don’t mistake it India is a spiritual land of giants such as Buddha, Mahavera, Babaji, Yogananda and innumerable others, so I have hope that with openness I will find that in a culture that hitherto on the surface is chaotic and at least on the surface, unconscious – there is more.

Understand that my perspective is in transition, and I hope that when I leave I have a different perspective, and a greater empathy with the India culture and people.

I went to Rishikesh a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t written about it to date, as I have been quite ill and I also wanted to give the experience time to form a objective impression .. although one thing was a strong impression, the low level of the Ganges river.