Coffee shop musings … New Delhi

If we could only look behind the shut gates, the security measures, the belief systems, the walls and the closed doors into the hearts of mankind? I believe there is the real essence of mankind, an unity not the virus, the disease we call ego.

Politicians run a game of fame of attention that projects their emptiness, their deficits and self serving agenda onto mankind.  As Gandhi said … our actions express our priorities .. certainly not our words. As millennia go by, any number of games of ideals are touted as the answer to mankind …. none have been because many use the defunct command and control mentality .. a follow the leader, sad when the leader is within an illusion, remembering that all ideologies except love, contain within them the seeds of their own destruction, the ego mind of man.

I wonder if we had the technology we could recall every word spoken in a room, or near a solid object, as sound is a vibration and hence it would leave a imprint. Something like sounds from a stone.

Perhaps one day we will grow the equipment we need as a life form from a sort of DNA, rather than physically manufacturing it from components.

This is a work in progress ….