Cyprus – a trip to the Troodos

A journey by car, from Paphos

2016-09-10-16.26.42_full.jpg .. to the wilderness which is the Troodos ….


The Troodos (sometimes spelled Troödos; Greek: Τρόοδος [ˈtɾooðos]; is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located in roughly the center of the island. Troodos’ highest peak is Mount Olympus at 1,952 meters, which hosts four ski slopes. The Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. The region is known for its many Byzantine churches and monasteries, richly decorated with murals, of which the Kykkos monastery is the richest and most famous. Nine churches and one monastery in Troodos together form a World Heritage Site, originally inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1985. There are many famous mountain resorts, Byzantine monasteries and churches on mountain peaks, and nestling in its valleys and picturesque mountains are villages clinging to terraced hill slopes. The area has been known since antiquity for its mines, which for centuries supplied copper to the entire Mediterranean. In the Byzantine period it became a great center of Byzantine art, as churches and monasteries were built in the mountains, away from the threatened coastline. Full description is here

However even is this slice of heaven we note that the mountains are also home to RAF Troodos, a listening post for the NSA and GCHQ.


The road was very good …. it took us through the Troodos to many villages and then on to Cedar Valley, a unique climate bubble where Cedar trees grow … you can see the transition from Cedar back to the general pine … the smell changes dramatically …. quite beautiful

This is part of what Cyprus brings … the diversity of the island is quite incredible from “civilisation” to nature at it most beautiful and serene, all in less than 40 Kilometers from Paphos.

I am glad we went.