A Visit to – Tampa and Clearwater Florida

I arrived in Tampa by train … my first experience of Amtrak, an all together good experience, I just fail to understand why it took 25 minutes to unload a trolley of baggage from the train, which was about 50 meters away from the baggage claim area?

Tampa is a higher energy city, with all the facilities one might wish … a huge number of retails outlets, for consumption, shopping, restauants and clubs to account for almost any taste.

Although it is built around a beautiful bay, as well as the ever present wonder of the Gulf of Mexico, there felt in my view little depth to the city, which seemed more about the surface of life than anything else, about ego and consumption … there were very limited attempts to green the city, which sadly was primarily comprised of millions, not doubt millions of tons of concrete. Although as I was only there for a short time perhaps there may be more to it than this.

One thing I did like was the Green Market Cafe in Clearwater … here in my opinion is a healthy business model, open seven days from 10.30am. The menu included high quality salads, a multitude of choices and mixes including Quinoa and soups, the only negative for me was that there was no hot coffee, but otherwise a great idea. Some great specials, here which might give you some ideas – here .

I will say that I had a beautiful time catching up with old friends and making some new ones.

I came here primarily to talk to Paulo, the husband of an old friend, a man born in Portugal, as I have interest in settling there or in Cyprus. I received a lot of information about how the country is which I truly valued, thank you Paulo!

After only two days, I flew out to Houston by an United flight which was better than my memory of previous United flights would have suggested … I encountered true profiterring after TSA checks, a bannana for USD$1.55 each (when later in Houston there were USD$0.48 per pound) and a litre bottle of water for USD$5.20. – wow!

I flew to Houston, a city that is so much more than one might expect.