A journey from Houston, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico


After spending over a week with my Sister and her family in Houston … a wonderful experience as was Houston itself. I booked passage to Santa Fe, New Mexico …. choosing trains over Airlines, because I wanted to see the countryside.

The train left late, then again it was my experience with Amtrak thus far, their timetable was more of an indicator that it would leave rather than a commitment to the specific time.

Off we went, and we settled into the long journey to El Paso, Texas, which is on the border of the United States and Mexico.

We rattled along, the click-clack of the tracks relaxed me, I had a meal and snuggled up into my blanket.

I awoke not that long afterwards, as we were stopped … thinking it was a station, I waited, but we didn’t move. Apparently the train to El Paso wasn’t complete as they needed 5 carriages from the train from El Paso to Houston … which had been delayed. We waited 5 hours for the missing carriages to arrive, these were needed for the passengers booked on the train further along the line … what had been a long trip of 19+ hours, turned into 24 + with the delays.

The above is the type of train, we had for the journey, with Restaurant and Observation carriages.

With the help of my sister we had cut off the Orthopaedic cast off my leg in Houston … as it had been 6 weeks since I fractured it. Hence I wasn’t walking that steadily.

The Amtrak journey aside from the delay, was uneventful, The restaurant food was OK … probably 3 star. I spent time in the observation car …. and besides a glimpse of a river that joined the Rio Grande, and the river itself, it was mostly cuttings and prairies.

On arrival in El Paso, I and made my way slowly the 600 meters to the Bus terminal.

The bus would take me from El Paso to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As we were delayed by the train, there were a lot of people for the bus journey. I checked in my bag when they eventually allowed me to, and went and had something to eat, in the terminal, surprisingly it wasn’t bad actually.

The bus left about 9pm and arrived in Albuquerque almost 5 hours later. The journey was comfortable and warm. Along the way, we stopped at the border check point patrol and they inspected the bus …. they asked if anyone was not an citizen (though that’s all they did) … and they showed quite a surprise when I volunteered my Australian passport.

On arrival in Albuquerque, we were deposited in the local transport center at around 12am … the first RailRunner trains left at 4.30am …. time does drag sometimes when you are waiting, it is reminiscent of air port lounges, as well not-unexpectedly the RailRunner was late …

The RailRunner journey to Santa Fe was pleasant and speedy ….

I arrived right in Santa Fe …. at the Depot … I was exhausted as I had slept little on the journey … I used my phone to arrange an Uber and soon after arrived at my room … and crashed … surfacing in time to go and find somewhere for dinner.