A Spiritual Path

I only tell this journey, this transition from my personal experience, I hope that helps!

Spiritual growth is a desire to seek what we cannot see, a curiosity, and in so doing so challenge the relevance of and often break down these layers and walls that living in our society (our environment, beliefs and expectations) have created. These old beliefs may block or inhibit the flow and awareness of our true self.

However spiritual growth is not something to be achieved, it will progress at its own pace, depending on our openness and awareness, but please lose any belief that this process is something ( a mantle) to be achieved or attained to gain the respect of others, this we do only for ourselves.

In hindsight, I feel my following thought encapsulates the effect Spiritual growth has on evolving our consciousness, particularly the ego infection that we have within all of us …. to a greater or lesser degree.

“Spiritual growth and the evolution of the consciousness is a process of observing and taking control of and subjugating thoughts that come from the ego and the mind … then we see and live life from another place, a place of love, understanding, gratitude and peace”

I believe that all of us, every soul that comes to earth school is born enlightened, however as soon as the child ceases to be treated as a child and is brought into the world of choices, layers of dogma and beliefs are added between their birth innocence and wonder and that which comes by living in the world itself – these comes from the family beliefs, of society, and from “Duality” the concept that brings such labels as good versus bad, right versus wrong, Light and dark, Pain and pleasure, me and you, the illusion of separateness, defining and discriminating. The labeling of every experience, everything in fact – and behind every label there is a meaning we have ascribed to it, from and by society. Whilst a ego maybe necessary when one has lived only in the material world, it can be unlikely we can transition to the path of Unity consciousness, because one has to transcend duality whilst still understanding and often living within it.


Whatever your life contains is your path, for each of us is unique, and so there are innumerable paths to liberation, but for mankind, spiritually at least, it is the long and often confronting journey from Duality to Unity consciousness, where all that exists is love and that which springs from it, such concepts as patience, understanding, empathy, kindness and compassion.

I am not a fan of judgement (even of myself) for it is the instrument of our duality, and too often it comes from our ego, our beliefs prejudices and fears. Concepts such as comparison and competition have no meaning to an awakened soul.

Discipline, openness, curiosity, patience and humbleness, I have found are important, and again I would stress that there is no “right” way to evolve, no dogma to growth and evolution – but challenging what you have in the past, accepted is. Feel for your path and follow where it leads.

Remember, no one is perfect nor should we aim to be for we will always fail, but we can strive to be better than we were yesterday, and perhaps help others when the occasion presents itself.

My posts are simply my perspective and are offered in the spirit of discovery, exploration and evolution – take what resonates with you and leave the rest.