Cyprus – Paphos Carnival

The Carnival was held on Sunday February 18, it was a beautiful (almost) spring day in Cyprus, a cool wind but the sun shone brightly over the waterfront of Kato Paphos, and the streets which are normally fairly empty were filled with visitors and lined with thousands of spectators watching the Carnival parade. The sidewalks were packed and so hard to negotiate and move through, progress was slow.

This was the second time I had seen the Carnival Parade and I was more impressed this time to see that a large presence of the local population, either supporting the parade, or taking part in it.

The carnival was a huge success, as can be gauged by the large attendance and the variety of floats and displays from local social and sports groups, and clubs and activities that are attended by children.

Some Photos ….





It was a good day …. as you can see from the streamers, the multitude of cans, bottles and general rubbish left a huge cleanup job for the local Paphos council …. there were rubbish bins provided, but they were overflowing …

Anyway it was a good day …

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