Paphos Cyprus – Taxi Scam

This post only applies to Paphos Taxi drivers (so far) …. perhaps not all, but all that I have come into contact with.

I have used Taxis in Nicosia (the capital of Cyprus) and they abide by the law that states, Taxi drivers must run their meter when they have a fare paying passenger … also it is illegal to run a taxi without a serviceable meter.

However this does not stop them doing it in Paphos …. they in spite of the above law say that they have always done it … of course that doesn’t make them right … it just means they flout the law, purposefully, and without concern.

Recently a mate ran out of petrol in Paphos, he walked home and called a taxi to take him to the local petrol station and back to his car, a total distance of 2 Kilometers.

The driver would not turn on his meter, even though the passenger commented on this … he then told my friend at the end of the journey that the fare was 20 Euro’s … totally ridiculous. The driver said he had to pay it …. in fact he was adamant that he had to pay it … after a period of back and forth, eventually my friend said here is 5 Euros … or he would call the Paphos Police to have them settle the matter according to the law.

Example of Paphos Taxis

The authorities in Cyprus are aware of the practice as it is detailed here in articles in the Cyprus Mail …. here and here

Here is a forum where people also discuss this problem … with some alternatives that may help … here

Even though it is illegal it still continues …. Also as the meter is not operating, this probably means that no record of the income earnt by the Taxi is tracked … which will effect the income the Taxis report to the relevant authorities, such as Taxation.

It doesn’t seem to deter the Taxi drivers from breaking the law … but what must it be doing to the reputation of Cyprus in the eyes of tourists, who continue to have this experience.

2 thoughts on “Paphos Cyprus – Taxi Scam

  1. Thank you for bringing up this Subject Davaid – it’s both a great stain on the reputation of an otherwise quite nice holiday resort as well as leaving many a visiror with a bad taste in their mounths at having been ripped-off by the criminal bandits !

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    1. It is a problem …. its an old addage but perhaps a greater awareness of the issue will bring change. It not helping the reputation if Cyprus as a holiday destination in the meantime. Thanks . 🙂


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