What does Evolving our Consciousness mean?

… this is the way (for me) to illustrate what happens as we evolve.

Imagine you are in a Movie theatre …. or watching a concert or a sports competition in a stadium.

When we begin, we might sit in the front row, surrounded by and excited by the noise, the immediacy of the event. The light from the screen or event draws us inwards, we lose ourselves in it. Our focus is absolute – on experiencing the entertainment (or other distraction) …. Perhaps another example of this particular experience would be, when we focus only on achievement, or in the case of Entertainment, smartphones, some extreme sports, Play-stations and other game boxes, do by their very nature force us to stay present totally engrossed in the experience – in doing so they bring us a dopamine burst – our reward, our self-gratification..

During the movie (or event), we do not think about ourselves at all, unless we are not engrossed in the spectacle, then our thoughts may be of a non-present nature.

As we evolve, we move little by little we move to the rear of the Theatre, and as the distance lengthens between where we are and the screen (life) as we see and understand it, the screen becomes progressively distant, we observe an ever widening perspective of the image of life and our place within it, we see it not as a single event, but the big-picture, including the events that led to it, the very patterns of life …. We realise that in many ways we can be our own enemy for when we focus on a fear or an expectation and over think, this will often leads to suffering …. Remember what we focus, we give energy to and so this thought, this experience (good or bad) grows in our lives.

Meditation – that which we do in the morning, is practice, at some point in this practice, we are able to carry that state with us throughout the day and in living our life.

If we are able (which is happening in some schools) to teach mindful meditation to children as young as 8, will over time, over the generations, I feel will change the nature of humanity, and will lead to a self respect and therefore respecting others, for me it is on the path to peace, love and understanding.

When in mindfulness we stay present in the moment, not reliving the past or investing in our expectations of the future – this does not mean we don’t responsibly plan for the future, it just means we stay present and don’t invest in and therefore do not live in the future by building and living in castles we build in the air, instead of creating our foundations for the futures in the present moment.

Eventually, if it is on the path of the individual, we evolve further and come via little steps to a detached Mindless-Mindful state where unless we have a task to do that needs our mind, the mind is at rest, and empty of thoughts. This place is a also an incredible place of calm, when needed a state of intense focus. Hence when an event happens that requires our mind we can give it our absolute focus and attention.

A mind that is under observation from the higher self will go quiet on its own and achieve a passive state of pure observation – where we observe its actions without participating in them.