Enlightenment and the journey beyond.

You may, or there may others with a yearning to seek what is not in the physical world – to understand the path to consciousness, enlightenment and beyond – perhaps this is old news for you or others, but this is an attempt to empower and bring awareness to some of the transcendental path that awaits us all, once we enter the portal of enlightenment, our birth if you will.

In case there is any who have this desire to evolve, who’s destiny is in this life to attain enlightenment or to make progress., I would suggest a book you may not yet have seen …the book was given to me by my teacher on my first visit to India – it was written by Robert S. de Ropp, and is called The Master Game, Pathways to Higher consciousness (1968), it is available on Amazon.

Background for the author – from Wikipedia

Another book which I found very helpful recently is “The Wisdom Of The Overself” by Paul Brunton … WIkipedia Article for the author is here


There are infinite paths to enlightenment, of which no two are the same, it matters not if you are religious, or not … life alone and the severe life challenges that it can bring to some can take you there, for it is open to all … all paths can lead us to this point, for there is no right way, there is no wrong way … but once we agree to and go through this portal, we are still on a journey, for it is not an ending, but a new beginning – now the path for all becomes one – from enlightenment also is a process to the levels within it, there is a path to higher consciousness which has plateaus, dead ends, challenges to be overcome, incredible transcendental experiences personal to you (one has to be careful here lest we become lost in this ambrosia, this personal illusory Shangri-La) and then we are unable to return to the physical world, this will also stop further spiritual evolution in this life) … from enlightenment onwards we truly need a guide a teacher.

Part of enlightenment (in my case anyway) is consciousness, for different levels of consciousness (energy and vibrations) make up the Universe, from those of us who are asleep and exist solely in the material world, to those who do the best they can by living with intent within the material world, will at their time, transition to consciousness … when conscious we feel every life form, from the smallest ant to the largest.

Like dropping a pebble in a pond, our consciousness moves as a wave, ever outwards through the Universe … like these ripples on a pond we can at will feel life, all life, for we are no longer separate from it, it is within us … at this point comparison, competition, judgement of others and projecting of these perspectives onto others, become impossible, because one cannot judge … because that involves separation from the other, which it not possible for we are all one … all we can try to do is empathise to understand, then let go and move on.

I write for one reason that if you or another of your family has a yearning or is ready, or may at some point be ready, just imagine once taught, how he or she can guide and lift the consciousness level of your children and perhaps your entire family … it is my belief that all children are born enlightened … the dogma of whatever environment they are within builds walls between who they are (their essence) and the environmental acceptable version of themselves, this the the norm, we are all destined to evolve in our own time, perhaps one amongst you is at that point, or maybe, they or you will know, for me this seeking came via a yearning in my chest.

As I mentioned, once you have gone through the enlightened portal … a new journey begins .. A journey where we need a Teacher … because the path is narrow and can be fraught with misdirection and dead ends and more mind created illusions … all courtesy of our personality if you will, the ego mind .. Part of this journey is freeing your self from the control of the ego mind, freeing yourself from fear and from the past – Remember the old adage, when the student is ready a teacher will appear, it is true, for that is why I am in India.

Remember, the past is only to learn from … rarely if ever to be re-visited … if you find you are … as your own witness at this point, don’t engage with the mind when it brings it back in whatever form… the more you don’t engage with the fears, demons and illusions, the more you will begin to control your own mind and be free of the ego (some ego is necessary to operate in the material world, but under the control of your essence, our true self, not a law unto itself) – your essence (the book may help the person in question here) will become dominate … it will mean, your authentic self will become the master of your life … to be free by forgiving and letting go the past, for you are no longer the person you were at some time in the past, we all change and evolve, yet the ego mind seeks to control us, to separate us .. through fear, its weapons also include addictions (in its many forms), dependencies, depression, shame, guilt etc … it is the greatest creator of illusions.

God or if you prefer the Divine Creator and your own soul knows the challenges you have all witnessed and been part of … you are loved relentlessly and forever … judgement free … the physical world is about learning, for it is only through pain and the learning that comes from it, does our soul evolve …. We evolve by living in earth school, as humanity as a whole evolves slowly to a higher consciousness.

To begin …. someone asked this question of Ramana Maharshi ..

“What is the way to God-realisation?” and Maharshi said: “Vichara, asking yourself the ‘Who am I?’ enquiry into the nature of your Self.

Don’t be concerned if there is no empathy with these worlds, or any yearning by you or others to spiritually evolve, as a member of the human race it is my understanding that we will all awaken, in this life or in another.

David Sanders
Dehradun, India

India – Poverty First Impressions.

This is an impression from a Western perspective and so may not give a fair or accurate observation of Poverty here in India, so much here confronts me. I am sure my impression of the physical world here will change as I become familiar, also as my Kundalini rises over time.

Poverty and homelessness is everywhere, in the West it is a cost of Capitalism, of being unemployed and also underemployed, where at any time, one may be one pay check away from it, it comes primarily from Corporate greed, exacerbated by the “Free Trade” agreements which are not at all about free trade but where Governments provide a means for Corporations to move jobs off shore, to other sovereign jurisdictions, that have very low wages and low protection for employees, in the areas of wages, benefits and heath. This desertion of their home country leaves many tens of thousands or millions of people who had jobs, now without any means to live. Here the situation is very complex including the immensity of the population, the lack of education, politics and something that is found in all political systems, corruption.

In India, there is no safety net or any kind, social programs that one experiences, even at the low rate that is in Australia just don’t exist … the quantity in need here is vast, on a cursory examination, there seems no National Government support for the homeless, the poor, the destitute – via food kitchens, shelters, beds or the like. I don’t know as yet the extent of private provision of the same from overseas organisations, I am sure I will given time …

You cannot walk down the street here without seeing the poor, rapier thin bodies begging, one does what one can, it is the mothers and children that my heart goes out to … the mothers ( malnourished ) who are going without so their children will have food … one gives, but then what? Does it only delay an inevitability … but nevertheless we give, but what comes next for them? We cannot know this, all we can do is help in this moment and then move on. The quantity is vast, there are sadly many who may not be in poverty, they are in a business to again make money off the tourists – one can only guess and hope that the deserving get something, so for me I give to the very old, and mothers with children.

To give you an idea, I was walking along the road, when I first arrived and not far from where I am staying, right in front of me in the gutter, was a body of a young man, thin beyond comprehension … he was just lying there, not moving, I could not see him breathing, was he alive or dead, to this day I don’t know.

India – First Impressions

Wow … everything I thought represented normal …

Everything that I thought was normal, was turned on its head, and the the values of some of the people I have meet are … well let me say they are not mine …. the opportunity to get little victories over you (for as little as 5 rupees, about 10 cents) … they even smile when they do, once, when it happens, it tends to leave a bad impression … when it happens more than once, it leaves a bad taste … and a yearning to find someone who has some honour – my feedback from others here, is if you find someone who does what they say they will, then you have found a gem, stay with them.

I am sure the shops and companies I have visited do not train people in customer service ( World brand names ) … they do not value the customer at all … they deal only in cash and when you ask for a receipt … it never comes. A perfect example was when I was hunting for a Phone provider … I ended up using an Inidan brand, Airtel .. which although they have their problems at least I have a relationship with them that allows me to get things done.

I am on a sabbatical … which may turn out to be a permanent one. I had thought would be able to leave the “civilised” worlds ego centric. money focus behind, but here it is even worse … status is everything …. the car you drive, the degree you have, your sex, and how you dress determines engagement and productivity …. and hence all these things determine if you will be successful in your enquiry or not. To become credible in the eye of commerce here, I have had to drag out my academic titles .. which have made a dramatic difference.

For instance, as I am staying here in India for so long, I thought it might be a good idea to open a bank account, in fact I had investigated this before I arrived … it is allowed for tourists who stay for the maximum of 6 months … I went to four banks here, all of the provided staff members say no, I even asked them to check up with their head office, they reported back … No … Yesterday I found someone in a company that must have actually asked someone in the organisation, who knew what they are doing and hence I am setting up an account here.

We must remember that I am new here, as well I came from a foreign culture, Perhaps I have had bad experiences, and of course I am viewing this from my former normal of business engagements in Australia … which has no relevance here in India.

To me in these engagements, the single biggest thing that is needed is empathy, for staff to have explicit training in customer service and to have some interest and understanding of the customer / clients needs – however the culture of organisations that do not care about the customer, comes down from the Ownership and upper management … perhaps they should remember a quote from Henry Ford …. the customer pays the bills, the company only handles the money.

Arrival in India and the first week ..

The journey to India was without pain … Cathay Pacific switched me from their indirect service to Air India direct service … I had not traveled Air India previously … it turned out to be an Good experience … the crew were conscious and engaged … the 13 hour direct service was long and the seat was hard and cramped … but after all I was traveling economy.

After the pre-amble I arrived in New Delhi… exhausted … had a run in with scammers as I walked out of the Airport, it took me a little while to understand what was happening – be wary they appear credible and “so nice” and accomodating but their only priority is to part you from as much of your money as possible.

In any case, I ended up where I wanted to go without further drama and arrived in Dehradun early morning, April 7th, 2016.

One thing, I remembered this quote “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” … I found it was from Noel Coward …. it doesn’t have to be midday, from about 10 am onwards its a good way to melt … always take a hat and a water bottle … not tap water … bottled water.

I will catch you up with other photos, and happenings and my initial observations of India, the culture and my engagement as soon as I fully understand them.